• Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 is taught by Miss Jones, supported by Miss McCrossan.

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Pupils will practise and study in depth; length, mass, temperature, picture graphs, word problems and money.

They will use the ‘mastery’ approach until they demonstrate a secure understanding of the mathematical concepts.


This term pupils will learn about the uses and properties of everyday materials. They will identify and compare the uses of a variety of everyday materials for particular uses.


Pupils will be looking at stories with recurring language and use a familiar model to write their own versions.  They will also be learning to write a report and will write their own calligrams.

Pupils will have daily spelling lessons following the ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ programme.

They will continue with group guided reading every day.


Pupils will develop an understanding of researching using non-digital and digital sources, including the World Wide Web.


Through Circle Time pupils will continue to learn and develop skills for working with others.

In RE pupils will research special places such as places of worship and will learn about Easter.


Pupils will be exploring sculptors such as Andy Goldsworthy and Dan Cordell.

In DT pupils will be designing, making and evaluating their sculptures based on those found in Oxhey Woods.


The Game On coaches will continue to practice games once a week. Pupils will continue to work on strengthening fine motor skills.


Through history, pupils will learn about historic South Oxhey. They will investigate the area and find out how it was built and developed over the years.

In geography pupils will focus on local area field study. They will recognise, observe, describe and record physical and human features within South Oxhey.

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