• Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Our teacher is Mr Hancock, supported by Miss Whitehorn.

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Pupils will be introduced to the new maths scheme ‘Maths-No Problem’ where the focus will be on practical activities.

Each area of the maths curriculum will be practised and studied in depth using the ‘mastery’ approach until the children demonstrate they have a secure understanding of the mathematical concepts.


This term pupils will learn about Rocks and Soils. They will learn about the three different types of rock and how they are formed and find out about fossils.


Pupils will focus on reading and retelling their own versions of traditional tales. They will write and follow each other’s instructions and will also look at play scripts.

Pupils will read a range of humorous limericks, then write their own five line poems with a rhyme scheme.


Our topics this term will include ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Getting On and Falling Out’. Pupils will develop their social skills, working together in groups, manage anger and resolve conflicts.
In RE pupils compare the ways in which members of faith communities describe, celebrate and express their beliefs.


This term pupils will be looking at animations and will create animated cartoons.
They will also be learning about computer programming and solving programming problems.


In DT pupils will be develop their construction and joining skills by designing and making their own Bronze and Iron Age roundhouses.
In Art pupils will look at ancient cave paintings, such as those found at Lascaux and Altamira. They will analyse the methods and materials used and then design their own, using their final designs to create large scale cave paintings.


This term pupils will learn and develop swimming skills. The ‘Game On’ coaches will continue to practise games once a week.


In geography pupils will investigate human-made and naturally occurring features. They will also compare the climate in different parts of the world.
In history pupils will understand the term ‘prehistory’. They will research and look at the main changes between the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, for example, comparing the life of a hunter-gatherer to the life of a farmer.

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