Corona Virus Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

You will have seen the news that the government has announced some new measures to deal with COVID19 and also a change to its overall response, moving from the ‘contain’ to the ‘delay’ phase of its plan. As before, the advice remains that effective hand hygiene and using a tissue when coughing or sneezing are some of the most effective ways in which we can help reduce the spread of the virus. The school is continuing to do all that it can to minimise the spread with good hygiene and is following all the advice from Public Health and Herts County Council and as such, we believe there is no additional risk to students and staff.

Self-isolation and staying at home

As you know the government has widened their advice on who should self-isolate to include those that have coronavirus like symptoms – a new or continuous cough or a high temperature, however mild – should stay at home for at least 14 days to protect others and help slow the spread of the disease. All our staff will be expected to follow this advice, and we ask you to ensure that your children do so too. If your children are absent from school because they are ill, please continue to call the school every day on 0208 428 3447 and leave a message.

Those who are particularly vulnerable due to pre-existing medical conditions have now been advised to ‘socially-distance’ themselves.

In certain circumstances you may be advised by medical professionals to keep your child at home even if they are not unwell. If this is the case please let us know and we will support your decision. I understand that parents are concerned about the risk of their children catching Coronavirus and that some may wish to keep children at home even though they have not had any medical advice to do so. All children who are well enough to come to school should continue attending as normal unless advised otherwise by Public Health England.

The possibility of school closure

Some parents have asked whether we could choose to close the school now. If we are ordered to close the school by Public Health England, because there is a risk to children/students and staff we will do. If the government make a decision to close all schools we will do so, otherwise we will stay open and operate as normal. The Government has made it clear it expects schools to remain open unless public health advice has been given to close. This is based on the clear advice from the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government, Sir Patrick Vallence, on how best to manage this epidemic.

We are however preparing in case the school closes and we are currently putting workpacks and online activities together. We recognise that if closure is necessary this will have significant implications for many of our families with issues ranging from the loss of free school meals to problems for families finding suitable childcare.

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Letter to Parents

Plan for the spread of coronavirus/possibility of school closure

This plan will be reviewed and updated in line with government advice.

We are implementing the following ongoing actions

  • Children given extra time to wash hands thoroughly; our ‘Woodhall Wash’ words by every sink.
  • Tissues and anti-bacterial soap in every room
  • Additional daily cleaning of hard surfaces including handles/keyboards
  • Government advisory posters on display for parents (+helpline number)
  • Continue to check advice via a daily email sent to school by the Department for Education

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Monday January 20th

Inset day for teaching staff No children in school today.

Woodhall School’s Christmas Fair


Don’t forget that Friday 17th May is our very special Cup Final Day! Come to school in your Watford kit or the team colours (or your PE kit). We are having our very own Woodhall Cup tournament in the morning followed by our WFC-themed raffle, our Cup Final song ‘We’re All Standing’ and then an afternoon, outdoor disco!

To listen to our song please go to (we hope to have it up on our website soon!)

And to sing along…

Well you know that we’ve been here before-

Our first time in the final 1984.

And we know that Graham Taylor would be proud to see

Us beat Wolves and now we are heading back to Wembley.

 So you know the Golden Boys are back,

Playing in the final yellow, red and black

With a flair for style and a touch of class,

The Watford team can’t wait to win upon the Wembley grass!


Don’t you know we’re all standing and we’re feeling proud,

Cheering them at Woodhall School –

We will all be shouting loud!

We’re all standing and we’re full of joy,

Singing for the Golden Boys,

Singing loud for captain Troy.

We’re all standing yeah-yeah-yeah

We’re all standing yeah-yeah-yeah


You know City? They are going to fail!

Harry Hornet’s got a sharp sting in his tail,

With Garcia in charge, they will be oh so sorry –

We’ll send them back to Manchester and just in time for Corrie!



500 Words

Once again, we will be giving children the opportunity to enter Radio 2’s ‘500 Words’ competition this year. Tomorrow, we will have a special assembly where children will  listen to some of the amazing stories written by last year’s winners. Thursday 14th February will be our 500 Words Day, where every class will be busy writing their stories, which we will enter into the competition via school. In the meantime, why not get planning?! There are some great resources and ideas on the website

Perhaps this year we’ll have a winner from Woodhall!


Spring Term Dates

Our ‘Diary Dates’ page has now been updated with events for this term. Please keep checking, as we are adding new dates all of the time! Thanks.