Don’t forget that Friday 17th May is our very special Cup Final Day! Come to school in your Watford kit or the team colours (or your PE kit). We are having our very own Woodhall Cup tournament in the morning followed by our WFC-themed raffle, our Cup Final song ‘We’re All Standing’ and then an afternoon, outdoor disco!

To listen to our song please go to (we hope to have it up on our website soon!)

And to sing along…

Well you know that we’ve been here before-

Our first time in the final 1984.

And we know that Graham Taylor would be proud to see

Us beat Wolves and now we are heading back to Wembley.

 So you know the Golden Boys are back,

Playing in the final yellow, red and black

With a flair for style and a touch of class,

The Watford team can’t wait to win upon the Wembley grass!


Don’t you know we’re all standing and we’re feeling proud,

Cheering them at Woodhall School –

We will all be shouting loud!

We’re all standing and we’re full of joy,

Singing for the Golden Boys,

Singing loud for captain Troy.

We’re all standing yeah-yeah-yeah

We’re all standing yeah-yeah-yeah


You know City? They are going to fail!

Harry Hornet’s got a sharp sting in his tail,

With Garcia in charge, they will be oh so sorry –

We’ll send them back to Manchester and just in time for Corrie!



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