The Jungle V.I.Ps!

Today, children from Reception to Year 6 had great fun watching a fantastic production of ‘The Jungle Book’. We howled with laughter at the monkeys and hid behind our hands whenever Shere Khan appeared! Following the show, Year 6 attended a workshop in which the actors taught them all about stagecraft…lights, sound, costume, characterisation, voices, use of technology and lots more. Year 6 are currently studying the ‘Just So’ stories, so they were able to share their knowledge about Rudyard Kipling. They knew that the inspiration for writing ‘The Jungle Book’ (which was written over 100 years ago!) came from Kipling’s childhood in India. Year 6 are going to use what they found out to stage their own versions of the ‘Just So’ stories during assembly, so we will look forward to watching those!

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